Bio3520 Chapter 2 Natural Selection
  1.             selection by human breeding programs can result in the evolution of certain traits in animals and plants.
  2. The process of          selection operates on at least three factors: variation, fitness consequences, and heritability.
    •            of a selectable trait, or phenotype, provides the raw material for natural selection to operate.
    • Differences in          as a consequence of the phenotype variation result in variable selection.
    • Most behavioral traits are inherited through        and can be measured by broad-sense and narrow-sense heritability.
  3. Natural selection on           traits such as               strategies and               activities. have been shown in guppies.
  4. Natural selection results in              - traits with the highest relative fitness in a given environment; but not all behaviors are adaptive, as shown in        parasitism of wood ducks.
  5. Genetic relatedness is often the           causation in           behavior as exhibited in naked mole rats.
  6. Genetic relatedness is also important in             , where one animal aids another individual against a third party.