Bio3520 Chapter 6 Sexual Selection
  1. Darwin outlined a model of        selection in many animals as a consequence of the different          produced by the two sexes, resulting in              and              selection.
  2. Intrasexual selection often occurs when males          for females.
  3. Intersexual selection (or       choice ) often occurs when females are choosy about their male mates.
  4.          models of mate choice can be broken down into three classes.
    •         benefits such as          gifts and               removal provide tangible evidence of male fitness.
    • Good        , indicated by phenotypes such as body coloration, odor, and symmetry, provide           benefits of favorable traits to the offspring.
    •          selection occurs when a male trait is linked to the gene for mating preference in females.
  5. Mate choice may also be          via mechanisms such as Pavlovian conditioning and sexual             .
  6. Cultural transmission may lead to mate - choice          behaviors, especially among females.
  7. Mate choice may also occur by          bias when females possess a preexisting neurobiological bias for a novel trait.