Chapter 3 Self Quiz Summary

  Proximate Factors
  1. A trait such as plumage coloration in finches has causes and causes such as choice.
  2. The female mate choice behavior in turn has an cause in the male's fitness as a parent.
  3. Proximate factors affecting behavior include the following.
    • produced by the system, such as testosterone and epinephrine, can affect both the strength and form of a behavioral response.
    • The system affects faster behavioral responses via nerve cells called which control either the release of hormones or the action of muscles.
      • Some birds are capable of sleep as an antipredator strategy.
    • Variations at the level, such as genes and proteins, contribute the most fundamental factors affecting behavior.
    • Environmental factors also affect behavior: nest plays a proximate role in sex determination in many reptiles.
    • enables an animal to adjust its behavior to its environment, and requires a system.
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