Chapter 5 Self Quiz Summary

  Social Learning and Cultural Transmission
  1. transmission involves the transfer and acquisition of information within and between generations via learning. playvideo
  2. Social learning can take many forms.
    • occurs when an observer learns a response through observation of a .
    • differs from imitation in that what is copied is not a novel behavior.
    • enhancement can occur when an observer learns something new by being drawn to a new area because a was in that location.
    • facilitation occurs when the mere presence of a can facilitate learning on the part of an observer.
  3. Teaching is a process where one individual serves as an and at least one other individual acts as a pupil who learns from the teacher. playvideo
  4. Cultural transmission may take place in three different modes: vertical, , and transmission. playvideo
  5. Cultural transmission may lead to cultural and the adaptation of traits much faster than evolution.
  6. Genetic and cultural transmission may sometimes be linked, as shown in some species of whales.
  7. Cultural transmission and size often exhibit a positive correlation, indicating a role of the nervous system in learning.
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